Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Approves 2020 Migratory Bird Hunting Season Framework And Regulations

Wisconsin Natural Resources Board Approves 2020 Migratory Bird Hunting Season Framework And Regulations

Features Include Changes To Duck Opening Dates And Hen Mallard Bag Limits

Contact(s): Taylor Finger, DNR migratory game bird ecologist, 608-266-8841, Taylor.Finger@wisconsin.gov or Jeff Williams, assistant migratory game bird ecologist, 608-622-6811, Jeffrey.Williams@wisconsin.gov
April 10, 2020 at 1:48:49 pm

[EDITOR’S NOTE: a news that is previous announced the Natural Resources Board had authorized modifications to waterfowl bird hunting areas for the 2021-2025 searching periods during the April 1, 2020 board conference. The board heard information concerning area modifications at the 1 meeting, but the proposed zone changes for 2021-2025 were not listed as an action item april. The division’s 2021-2025 area proposition is supposed to be considered because of the board as an action product at the next NRB conference .]

MADISON, Wis. – The Wisconsin Natural Resources Board on April 1, 2020 voted unanimously when it comes to Department of Natural Resources to move ahead with proposed guidelines when it comes to 2020 bird that is migratory framework and laws. By way of input from hunters and brand brand new systematic research, Wisconsin will discover some notable modifications.

Shows from the season that is approved consist of:

  • North duck area will start seven days prior to when final period, leading to two openers that are statewide one for the North on Sept. 26 and another when it comes to Southern and Mississippi areas on Oct. 3. The regular duck period will run for 60 times;
  • A 92-day regular goose season with an additional split into the Southern Canada goose area leading to a goose season that is available throughout the Christmas time and New season’s holidays;
  • A rise in the hen mallard bag that is daily (in one to two) according to United States Fish and Wildlife provider period framework; and
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  • a decline in the scaup case limitation to at least one scaup for 15 times as well as 2 scaup for 45 times according to U.S. Fish and Wildlife provider period framework.

“These period frameworks had been in line with the most up to date systematic information and input we received from the general public, input from preservation and searching teams and outcomes from the waterfowl hunter study,” stated Taylor Finger, DNR migratory bird ecologist. “We expanded our outreach efforts in 2020 utilizing social networking to boost our engagement with your users, and now we saw great attendance at statewide general public hearings. As a whole, we received significantly more than 2,100 reviews concerning the 2020 waterfowl period proposals.”

A past pr release announced that the NRB set a brand new area framework to enter impact when it comes to 2021-2025 periods. This item was not identified as an action item on the NRB agenda while the department presented information to the board on a potential change to the zone structure for the 2021-2025 seasons.

The Department is proposing a three-zone/one-split framework that includes the North Zone, Southern Zone plus an Open Water Zone. The Open Water Zone would fall 500 foot from coast from the coasts of Lake Michigan and Green Bay. The existing Mississippi River Zone could be eradicated and areas for the reason that zone that is current be contained in the current Southern Zone.

The division’s 2021-2025 area proposition should be considered because of the board being an action product at A nrb that is future conference. The board may consider this change also in the future rulemaking. Find out more about waterfowl searching here.

The general public plays a role that is crucial establishing the waterfowl period framework, and Finger thanked those that presented a remark or went to a gathering. View the 2020 public input outcomes and feedback right right right here.

Early period times are the following:

Early Species Season Open Close Limit
Early Teal Sept. 1 Sept. 9 Six wild birds per early Goose Sept day. 1 Sept 15 Five wild wild birds per time
Mourning Dove Sept. 1 Nov. 29 15 wild wild birds per time
Woodcock Sept. 19 Nov. 2 Three wild wild birds a day

Duck season dates and case limits are the following. Starting time shooting hours will start hour that is one-half sunrise for many regular waterfowl searching periods.

Duck Season Very Very Very First Open First Close 2nd Open 2nd Close
Youth Search Sept. 19 Sept. 20
North Zone Sept. 26 Nov. 24
Southern Zone Oct. 3 Oct 11 Oct 17 Dec. 6
Mississippi Area Oct. 3 Oct 11 Oct. 17 Dec. 6

The bag that is daily statewide is six ducks, including a maximum of:

Duck Bag Limits

types limit that is dailytotal day-to-day case restriction is six ducks of every types) Mallard 4 (of which just 2 might be a hen) Black Duck 2 Canvasback 2 Wood Duck 3 Pintail 1 Redhead 2 Merganser 5

There clearly was a 60-day restrictive scaup case limitation (federal limitation; 15 times at one scaup/day and 45 times at two scaup/day):

60-day Restrictive Scaup Bag Limit

Zone Period Scaup/day limitation North Zone Sept. 26 – Oct. 10 One/day Oct. 11 – Nov. 24 Two/day Southern Zone Oct. 3 – Oct. 11 One/day Oct. 17 – Oct. 22 One/day Oct. 23 – Dec. 6 Two/day Mississippi River Zone Oct. 3 – Oct. 11 One/day Oct. 17 – Oct. 22 One/day Oct. 23 – Dec. 6 Two/day

Regular goose season dates are the following for the outside area (92 times total):


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